And neither does Boris Graffiti.

But the newly released Manifesto title generator (included as a free update to the Noise Industries FxFactory package) can spell check:


When you load the Manifesto (Static) generator choose the Multiple Lines option, even if you’re only going to have a single line, and click Edit.


This opens a separate edit window which supports spell checking.

Spell check also works with the Manifesto Roll/Crawl generator which requires edit pop-up for text entry (unless you import text from a file).

BONUS GIVEAWAY: As an added bonus to our Reader Submitted Quicktips we’ve got an additional giveaway to the winner of the best reader submitted Quicktip. KPL Productions has offered up one copy each of their timecode calculators for iPhone and iPad. See the original 28 Days of Quicktips post for details on how to submit your own Quicktips for a change to win.

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