North Plains Revolutionises Industry with the Introduction of its TeleScope Publishing Platform

TORONTO and LONDON – April 20, 2009North Plains Systems, Inc., the leading provider ofdigital asset management(DAM) software solutions, today announced the unveiling of its ground-breaking TeleScope Publishing Platform (TPP) – a modular, totally integrated solution that for the first time, addresses every aspect of the digital publishing workflow. The innovative design redefines how publishers create, distribute and sell their content by streamlining their production workflows and capitalizing on emerging revenue opportunities.

“The TPP revolutionises the publishing process by totally removing the need for conventional typesetting and editorial mark up,” said Hassan Kotob, CEO, North Plains Systems, Inc. “Production quality PDFs and eBooks are produced automatically, delivering up to a tenfold reduction in page production costs and up to 75% reduction in production times.”

From receipt of manuscript, editing and production of published content, storage and cataloguing of titles and components through to promotion, distribution and sales of content, the TPP achieves substantial reductions in cost and time to market for both print-based and digital content. Titles are securely stored in a flexible format that is reflowable, delivering fully formed and validated PDF, POD, eBook and HTML output on demand.

Publisher content can be quickly accessed by an online book reader and widget technology, while eBooks can be sold and delivered to individuals or as content collections to partners and institutions. Because of the granular nature of the securely stored content, compilations, mashups and custom learning objects can be produced in real time with powerful metadata providing tracking and usage reports.

“The TPP is a logical extension of the TeleScope platform. We currently use TeleScope from creative through to digital book completion and the archiving process,” said Melissa Serdinsky, Vice President, Boulder Ops & Production Manufacturing, Perseus Books Group. “It makes perfect sense that North Plains would extend its value proposition to the distribution stage of digital publishing. As the demand for eBooks, audio books and other digital products expands, having a solution built on a single platform will prove to be an essential component of every publisher’s digital workflow process and IT infrastructure.”
The modular nature of the TPP gives publishers the option to choose the area of their business that they would most like to improve, while a full deployment of the TPP will provide a completely integrated publishing solution. To achieve all of this with existing solutions would require working with several separate solution providers to conduct a complex and often expensive integration exercise.

“The release of the TeleScope Publishing Platform is the direct result of over 15 years of experience working closely with the most recognised publishers in the industry,” added Mr. Kotob. “It is their support coupled with our passion, vision and proven ability for bringing innovative publishing solutions to market that continues to drive North Plains’ pioneering spirit and push the technology envelope to new heights.”

In addition to announcing the arrival of its new TPP offering, North Plains will now provide publishing services that include the digitization of books, typesetting and eBook creation, among other things. Now publishers can access North Plains’ outsource services to reduce production times and overall costs while building in scalability to meet emerging revenue opportunities.

North Plains will be showcasing theTeleScope Publishing Platform at the London Book Fairin booth
S-704. Visit North Plains at the show and discover why industry experts think North Plains is Leading the Digital Publishing Revolution.

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