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Science is EVIL!

It was only about ten years ago when a stunning announcement came from the west end of the campus of the University of Wisconsin: In the wake of the cloning…

In Michiana, The Future Arrived Today.

In Michiana, The Future Arrived Today.

It’s funny how after a vacation, all kinds of things seem to happen at once. I was taking a short week of skiing with my family in the…

One Day Sale on Trapcode and Red Giant plug-ins

Today all Red Giant and Trapcode Products are 50% off. This includes full versions and bundles, but not upgrades, crossgrades or academic. Click here for more information. Use the code…

Crimson – third party Red application to help with workflow

Crimson – third party Red application to help with workflow

Just so’s I’m first to call it – what we’ve been waiting for – Crimson – a helper app to help get conformed clips…

Quick update – Red One now shoots 2K at 120 fps – sample included

Just a quick note – Red released firmware build 15 last Thursday, which included a BUNCH of new features like multiple simultaneous video outputs (finally!), Look import and export (camera…

What Avid’s Moves Mean

What Avid’s Moves Mean

Avid’s finally taken the action many have been calling for. It’s decided to simplify its product line, dropping Xpress Pro and lowering the price of Media…

Avid lowers Media Composer price, will drop Xpress

[Press Release] Avid Unveils “New Thinking” for 2008 First phase of multi-tiered campaign includes simplification of product line, new software pricing, updated support services and new online…

Discussing RED, uncensoRED

Context: Adam shot some RED footage on Friday 7 March, as part of a camera comparison, and took the raw files home to play with. Art shot a quick test…

“Why CMOS over CCD?” I ask my toaster for answers.

The other day I found Harry, the Civil Toaster (“civil” not as in kind, but because he was in the civil service) in the driveway tossing corn chips…

PVC-it Debuts -*Updated*

PVC-it Debuts -*Updated*

It’s highly likely that you’ve heard of Digg. In fact, we have a Digg button on most articles, and have been “dugg” numerous times…

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