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Cloud computing is a term, that has essentially become a catch-all for technology services delivered on-demand over the Internet. All the big vendors are promoting the use of the cloud, for example there are a vast array of services and technologies from EMC, Amazon, Google, IBM, HP, Cisco and Microsoft. In 2010,Gartner CIO survey listed virtualization (a cloud-enabler) and cloud computing as their top two priorities. Of course, the companies listed above simply want to help organisations ditch existing IT infrastructure and migrate to the cloud, where then simple pay for usage.

InMay 2010, EMC made some interesting comments at the idea that most enterprises would move to “the public cloud”hosted by companies like Amazon and Google. EMC however has the vision of the private cloud, the EMC private cloud would allow enterprises to keep much of their current investment in legacy code and custom applications while taking advantage of the efficiency and scalability gains of the cloud. Calling this “the private cloud” is a bit of a ploy as this is simply a strategy to virtualize existing enterprise servers and storage using EMC technologies.


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