MediaBank v3.5 Has Been Released

MediaBank is the leading Digital Asset Management solution used by hundreds of companies worldwide to manage and distribute their valuable digital assets.

MediaBank Enterprise Digital Asset Management Solution DAM Logo

MediaBank is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) application designed to efficiently manage and distribute your file assets. MediaBank is one of the most tenured products in the industry and over the years has become the standard by which DAM solutions are judged.

It can help a business increase profit margins by reducing production efforts and data administration costs. MediaBank can also generate new revenue by capitalizing on web opportunities, expanding market reach, and improving product quality. As the central information hub for the complex publishing workflows of our broad range of customers, MediaBank provides an extensive and flexible feature set that can be catered to your specific needs.

Out of the box, MediaBank is easily configured to meet an enormous variety of needs; from image libraries to web-based marketing site, to fully-integrated page production workflows. Discover why MediaBank’s rapidly growing customer base confirms it as the only option in digital asset management (DAM)!


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