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Imagine a world where most of the functions of our marketing – finding ideas, creating ads, building accountability, managing assets, tapping into resources, and even buying media — do not take place in traditional ways, but rather through massive computer server farms located remotely, and connected to global experts, intelligent systems, and world-class resources. This is not the stuff of science fiction, but instead describes MuseWorx, the revolutionary marketing operating system that uses the limitless potential of “cloud computing” to unify, amplify, and simplify marketing for all business.

MuseWorx is a complete marketing eco-system platform accessible from any computer or mobile device. MuseWorx seamlessly integrates into a single, virtual desktop environment, technologies, applications, functions and resources for:

  • Brand asset management – Digital, media, and brand assets are the common thread for virtually any type of marketing activity. MuseWorx makes managing, archiving, protecting, searching, using, sharing, tracking, and collaborating assets simple and easy. MuseWorx handles over 400 different file formats, allows instant sharing, online collaboration, version control, automatic version control, “on/off” file link controls, portfolio management, embedded file tracking, administration management, file encryption and SSL protections, custom slideshow feature, centralized file controls, and more

  • Creative process improvement – Shorter time-to-market, globalization of marketing organizations, and the desire for better results leads to opportunities in creative process improvement. MuseWorx delivers a suite of integrated functions that focus on creative process flow, from inception of ideas to final delivery. MuseWorx makes sharing and collaborating image, video, audio, and other creative files simple, fast, and seamless. Collaboration suite makes file and project communication, online work approval, focus group survey ratings, project data management, and file “in-use” security fast and easy for all users, anywhere in the world, and with no software required to participate. More

  • Marketing automation – Efficient use of marketing resources for maximum benefit requires effective solutions that simplify complex or time-consuming tasks. MuseWorx delivers unparalleled marketing automation that allows users to achieve high productivity and results by letting the platform do some of the work. MuseWorx is fully hosted, requires no software or training, provides full functionality for all users, and automatically handles file sharing, version controls, file tracking and reporting, collaboration management, data reporting, file conversions, file link management, share option, and more

The powerful plug-in platform from MuseWorx enables any marketing application, content element, digital asset or media file to be universally available, readily exchanged and centrally managed and secured on a global scale. Embraced by more users than any other marketing automation system in the world, MuseWorx TM is delivering its on-demand marketing automation services in an accessible and cost effective way for all levels of business.

In addition, by integrating key third party resources and services from leading world class marketing service and application providers, MuseWorx is able to deliver a dynamic, scalable marketing operating system, meeting the growing needs of all businesses.


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