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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Dailies Workflows Part 1 – Working with Dailies from Assimilate Scratch

This tutorial, and the next bunch after it came from a very simple place.  Someone posted on the Avid Editors of Facebook page about not understanding the proper workflow when dealing with dailies that were given to her from another editing application.  In this lesson, and the next few lessons after it, I want to discuss alternate dailies workflows, when doing offlines in Avid Media Composer.

I’ll be honest with you right out of the gate.  From my experience transcoding in Media Composer, it’s slow.  Brutally slow.  That’s why there are many (many) times when I’m either creating dailies, or simply taking 4K footage (that I know will never be shown in 4K) and downconverting it to HD, I’ll always use a third party application, as opposed to doing it in app.  Again, for the simple reason that Media Composer is brutally slow when it comes to transcoding larger than HD media.  This does, however, bring up a new issue.  If you’re not Off/Onlining inside the application, what is the best way to acquire, offline, relink and master your offline Media Composer timelines.  Well, that’s where this arc of tutorials will take us.  Starting with Dailies from Scratch, and moving onto Resolve and Media Encoder, we’ll look at the process of acquiring your dailies from external applications, the best way to get them into Media Composer, and then the best way to link back to your high resolution media when you’re done, to finish the edit inside of Media Composer.  Enjoy!

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