Enter a New Dimension: Moving Into 3D

In this redesign of PAX TV’s on-air look, the primetime promotional end caps are filled with light and translucent shapes….

Elements for Editors

As motion graphics artists, we’re often asked to supply elements for an editor to use in a final composite or…


2D Texture Mapping

Plain solid-colored text is not convincing when composited on top of another surface (top). Applying it with blending modes (above)…


Luminance Ranges in Video

It would seem like a simple concept: “black” is the darkest color you can have; “white” is the brightest color….


Braving the 3D Elements

Wireframes of a hand, text, and other objects, blended in with blurs and transfer modes to make them appear more…


Do Not Adjust Your Set

In the motion graphics world, it is easy to become seduced with technology. New releases of software and hardware bring…

Do Not Adjust Your Set: The Studios

In the main article, we discussed some of the more interesting design topics brought up during the 1999 BDA Conference…


Spinning Gold

In a perfect world, clients supply gorgeous video clips for you to use in the graphics they’ve hired you to…


Getting Behind the Color Wheel

Ever composite a number of clips, only to have the result like an explosion in a paint factory? This month…


Field Order – Who’s on First?

If you thought most NTSC video ran at 29.97 frames per second, that's only half the story – literally. It…

Playing Squash: Blobby Text Effect for NBC

Back in 1997 – still fairly early in our motion graphics career – one of our more enjoyable gigs was…

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