Instant fog and haze for photographers and filmmakers

Photographers Joe and Kathleen Atkins needed fog and haze for their photographs and video, so they bottled the effects in one 8 oz. can, to carry everywhere.


The first fog and haze “machine” that fits in a backpack is available now. Recently launched, Atmosphere Aerosol gives you instant fog and haze everywhere.

Kathleen and her husband, Joe Atkins, are a husband and wife team of wedding photographers based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wedding photographers have something in common with nature photographers: both love to use fog and haze in some of their photography. Filmmakers also have the same feeling towards the effects fog and haze introduce in some shoots.


The problem is that fog and haze sometimes are not present. While nature photographers and filmmakers have, sometimes, a solution, by going back another day to the same place, social photographers or videographers cannot change the dates of their appointments. Imagine going back to your bride and groom and saying: we need to postpone your wedding because the weather forecast says “no fog or haze tomorrow”.

fog003 Fog or smoke machines and haze generators, or hazers, as some people call them, are widely used in multiple areas, essentially related to imaging, to create a specific atmosphere or mood. They are usually expensive and too heavy to carry around, especially if you are a lone photographer or a one man crew filmmaker. And they need energy to work, meaning it is difficult to use them in some locations.

Faced with the problem, Tennessee based photographers Joe and Kathleen Atkins began developing Atmosphere Aerosol two years ago. “We wanted to create rays of light that took images to the next level. And, most importantly, we wanted to be able to produce images you see in films without having to carry a fog machine or tools that require power.”

With Atmosphere Aerosol, you can quickly and easily spray for 20 seconds or more in a room or still area to add haze or fog to photos and films. The clear spray won’t stain gowns, suits, or garments. . It’s an affordable, safe and convenient way to add haze or fog to a shoot without needing power or carrying heavy equipment, and one 8 oz. can easily fits in a camera bag. It is a safe, non-toxic, clear aerosol spray.

Atmosphere Aerosol is currently only available within the United States, but the company plans to expand its availability internationally in the near future.

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