Head In the Clouds – The Great Value Question

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Head In the Clouds – The Great Value Question | The Bigger Truth.

The clouds are just that, cloudy. Hard to figure out what anyone is talking about, or why. I’m here to help.

There are big guys likeEMC using “Journey to the private cloud….” as their moniker. They can say nothing, because they are big. The problem, as I explained it to Mr. Tucci (at which point he might have wanted to hit me), is that it says nothing. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Gee, I need to journey to the private cloud today…” Might as well be “Follow the yellow brick road.” That’s the issue. People don’t buy slogans. They buy fire hoses when they are on fire.

Until the market BELIEVES that it A: has a problem that needs to be solved and B: requires the cloud to be the answer to that problem, there will be no real business. The good news, is I believe that reality is coming, and there will be legit business opportunities here.

For the big dogs, like EMC, they (smartly) want the cloud to be private, because the private cloud is really “IT”–and they do well when IT is buying stuff. They want to arm the public cloud providers, who are essentially the IT departments of service providers, where (stunningly), EMC does well.

For the small guys, the problem is the same, but they can’t really afford to wait around for the market to figure out their relevance. Thus, as is my nature, I’ll try to help.

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