Hasselblad’s Phocus is faster now

Hasselblad announced Phocus 3.3, the latest update for its image processing software Phocus. The update makes the software faster and also expands control of external equipment.

Hasselblad’s Phocus is faster now

Faster than ever, thanks to extended GPU acceleration, the updated version of the image processing software Phocus offers users a quicker viewing experience and more.

With the introduction of Phocus 3.3  Hasselblad can claim its software enters the fast lane. The software already delivers a high-end quality RAW file processing, ideal for Hasselblad’s cameras, and now, thanks to extended GPU acceleration based on Metal/OpenCL on Mac/PC, Phocus 3.3 is faster than ever, allowing users to export images quickly and easily, while offering a quicker viewing experience when zoomed to 100% and above.

While the improved performance will be noticeable for all images, the Phocus 3.3 software really comes into its own when processing images captured using higher ISO settings, helping to reduce the export time dramatically thanks to GPU acceleration for noise reduction. Overall on a typical laptop configuration you can expect to see a 2-4x improvement of export speeds and much better responsiveness when zooming the viewer to 100% and above.

In addition to the improved performance of Phocus 3.3, that seamlessly works with all Hasselblad cameras, the update also includes integrated control of broncolor flash equipment, which are certain to be welcomed by Hasselblad users.

Hasselblad’s Phocus is faster now

Photographers using Wi-Fi-enabled broncolor flash equipment now have the ability to control their flash settings via Phocus 3.3 with only the touch of the left or right cursor key. Whether it be adjusting the intensity of lamps (or a group of lamps), triggering flash for test purposes or controlling the modelling lights, it couldn’t be easier for users to adjust their flash settings based on their needs.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use and to be flexible enough for users to configure the precise workflow that suits each ones particular process, Phocus is not only a powerful RAW processing engine, but also provides users with comprehensive tethered camera controls as well as unique mobile solutions for more flexible studio work, client review, and so on.

Phocus for Mac and Windows users is available for free download, with unlimited installations and distribution. On the Mac platform, Phocus offers support for RAW files from around 200 other digital camera RAW formats.

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import function is still so slow slow slow only use Phocus in studio for tethered shooting or to import a very few images. If you want to import say 160 raw images from an H6D 100c plan on at least 30 min of download time. Also any updates to the software are usually to add functionality to studio applications in which the software is great beyond that the curves panel is fantastic but all other corrections are antiquated. Basic highlight and shadow recovery are weak at best.