Gear Talk: The Goldfold Wallet

The GoldFold Call Sheet Wallet is a modern classic.

Do you work on set? Do you carry call sheets around and refer to them often? If so and you don’t have a GoldFold, you probably want to keep reading.

GoldFold WalletUsed to organize call sheets, shot lists, and with it’s own removable and refillable notepad this organizer works great for nearly all crew members. The GoldFold Call Sheet Wallet has quickly become a modern classic and is handmade in the US using high-quality leather and a magnetic closure. So go online or come by and visit our showroom and check out the GoldFold Call Sheet Wallet for yourself!

From Travis Gold, creator of the GoldFold:

GoldFold was born 25+ years ago  when the very very (Teenage) young  Guild Member Travis Gold  saw the need for a industry specific solution to the handling of on set Daily paperwork.

GoldFold is hand made with pride right here in sunny in Southern California. GoldFold’s leather might be Italian but this labor of love is 100% AMERICAN!! Eco Friendly?  Hell Yes.  Unlike other plastic ‘green’ products that fail quickly then clog our landfills GoldFold is a legacy player that can be trusted to last FOREVER!!   Yep, Good As GOLD!…GOLDFOLD that is.

This revamped version of the GoldFold offers the same features, form factor and design that has made it the top choice of on-set professionals for years, plus now the magnetic clasp to make closing and accessing your items much easier. That, plus an elegant new design that makes it the most beautiful and stunning GoldFold yet.

Filmtools has always been the place to find the GoldFold Wallet and we’re sure our customers will find this new design just as great as the original.

Here’s the cool and odd thing about the GoldFold. Since they use high-quality leather, their production runs can vary from 5 to 50. Every color and texture that is produced is technically a limited edition GoldFold and usually, when they sell out, they’re gone forever, making your GoldFold something even more special and unique. Get one today for yourself or as a gift this holiday season! You won’t regret it!

Check it out at Filmtools and order before this hot item is sold out!

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