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FotoWare upgrades product range to version 6.0

FotoWare helps newspapers, public services and corporate customers to find, process and share their images and documents. With millions of licenses sold in ten different languages since 1994, FotoWare plays a pioneer role in the industry of Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Today FotoWare announces the transition to full XMP metadata support with the release of FotoWare version 6.0. XMP fits perfectly with FotoWare’s philosophy and indexing technology platform, and is fully compatible with existing installations. The shift from IPTC to XMP metadata support in all FotoWare applications opens new opportunities to the users. Metadata can now be added to any kind of file type, making it fully searchable by a FotoWare system. The multi-lingual support of XMP allows users to write and search for metadata in any language, a function warmly welcomed by international media houses and global players in the corporate market.

“The introduction of the new XMP metadata standard is really a confirmation that we made the right strategic decision when opting for our indexing technology”, says FotoWare founder and CEO Ole Christian Frenning. “Since we know that 30% of an employee’s time is spent searching for information or re-inputting data that is already in the organization, the need for a DAM system is greater than ever. With version 6.0 FotoWare has taken another leap forward in serving cost efficient and time saving solutions”, Mr. Frenning concludes.

In addition to the fundamental merge to the XMP standard, FotoWare releases a host of new features and functions in version 6.0. Save time and money with SmartColor, the new automatic image enhancement tool. Traditionally, manual retouching of images has been the key to high quality results. This time consuming and costly operation is now facing an extremely time and cost effective alternative with amazing results. SmartClean, the new server based solution, will automatically reduce noise and improve color saturation in your images. The new FotoWeb Desktop provides check-out and check-in, edit and crop functionality to your FotoWeb archive, providing world-wide access over the Internet. And last, but not least, the FotoWare search engine is more powerful than ever and allows you to combine several archives into a single enormous archive with even millions of files without compromising search speed.

Further news available at www.fotoware.com.

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