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i think apple screwed up HUGE! without virtualization VDI and cloud workflow (AWS, other) optimization the product is dead

Scott Simmons

That would have been cool but that’s gotta be a huge undertaking. Perhaps in 10.5 bigdork?


One thing I don’t see in the article is that Compressor now has the same RAW to Log functionality as FCPX to convert ProRes RAW to a log profile (curve and gamut). This means that, for macOS users, the ProRes RAW -> Resolve workflow is now dead simple.

Mr. Marc Miller

A few things I’ve been wishing for a long time that still seem to be missing:

  1. Create a default dissolve style, not just the timing but the style like: Film or Video, etc all those choices I have to re-choose each time. Painful.
  2. Create a default layout of columns for LIST view in the browser. Every time I must hide columns that I never use like; Stereoscopic, 360, Camera Angle,…wasting my time each app restart.
  3. Column layout never sticks even though I save the workspace. I like Notes in a certain place and that column, among others, always jumps to where the engineers put it in the coding. Painful.
  4. Dupe Detection…..for god’s sake, please, how many times do we have to request this feature?

There are others that I can’t remember so they can wait apparently. Can I get a witness?

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