Features added to CONTENTdm for digital collection management

DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 10 October 2007—OCLC, the world’s largest library cooperative, has added new features and functionality to CONTENTdm, the leading digital collection management software for libraries and other cultural heritage institutions, to make it easy for libraries to manage and access documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) and integrate digital collection growth into their current cataloging workflows.

With CONTENTdm 4.3, libraries can more easily manage PDF files. Multiple-page PDF files can be automatically converted to compound objects with searchable full text which allows users to retrieve page-level search results within a PDF. Full-text extraction and generation of thumbnail images from the PDF happen automatically. End users can also select any subset of pages from the PDF to print or save, making it easy to get just the information they need.

“These enhancements promise very important functionality that we have been eagerly anticipating,” said Scott Eldredge, Digital Initiatives Department Head, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. “The new features should let our users search more efficiently and provide them with tools to better focus in on and use content of particular interest. We see this as another result of the CONTENTdm team’s continuing efforts to respond to user requirements.”

The new CONTENTdm release also supports the OCLC Connexion digital import feature which allows catalogers using the Connexion client to add digital items to CONTENTdm collections during the Connexion cataloging process. This new feature streamlines digital collection creation by integrating it with standard cataloging workflows.

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