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Drones for video, HDR, VR and more – A Look Back on 2015

The Year in Review on ProVideo Coalition

Chris Zwar released the first part of his Motion Graphics for Business series early in the year, which looked at twenty years worth of films that have inspired motion graphics for the corporate market. Part 2 of the series focused on the videos that influenced this market, and Chris was able to show the innovation and evolution in this space and how that impacts professionals working at various levels in the industry.

Over the years Chris has published a number of tutorials on PVC, and with his look at automatic versioning in After Effects he clearly isn’t totally moving away from them, but articles that talk through easy and fast color correction and provide an inside story on real-life After Effects projects are proof of how he’s looking to expand. He’s also been getting into immersive video experiences as well as large-scale video projections, which has opened up new creative opportunities for professionals inside and out of media & entertainment. It will be fascinating to see how this technology continues to develop in 2016.


Helmut Kobler started off the year with a handful of reviews that took a close look at a number of products, as he gave us his thoughts on the Pegasus M4 SDD RAID, the Ikan PD1 Remote Follow Focus as well as the Wireless Follow Focus express kit from Cinegears.

Outside of the reviews, he put together his annual under the radar at Cinegear piece along with an article that explored what it was like to use Freshbooks to simplify his billing process for his clients’ benefit as well as his own. He also compared Zacuto’s Gratical HD to Alphatron’s EVF-035W-3G, and explained why he now owns a Gratical.

Helmut’s reviews offer the kind of insight professionals need in a quick and easy to understand fashion, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular. His reviews of Wooden Camera’s trio of products, Litepanels Astra and Movcam’s accessories for the Canon C300 MKII all showcase the kind of detail that gives readers what they need to make a decision around a gear purchase. Check out all of his reviews from 2015 and more on his channel.


As he does every year, Mark Spencer somehow found the time to produce multiple segments of his MacBreak Studio entries on a monthly basis which showcase an essential tip or technique that FCPX users can utilize. He’s also been able to create a complimentary Final Cut Pro X in under 5 minutes series which is designed to provide similar tips in under 5 minutes.

You’ll have to run through his archive to get a sense of all the tips and techniques he’s documented this year, but a few of the highlights include his look at self-adjusting title backgrounds in FCPX, the tutorial he put together to document how to build a motion graphics toolkit in FCPX and the explanation of how to do a 3D text tracking & fly-through in FCPX.



woodypvc2015 2015 has been a big year for Woody Woodhall, and his articles on PVC were just part of that. His audio splits, stems & elemental tracks piece laid out some audio insights that are rarely explored outside of textbooks while his learning to listen article provided some essential insight to teach us how un-filter sound in our lives. Both of which were in addition to the audio highlights that he documented from NAB.

Even bigger than his PVC output was the announcement about the first annual LA Post Fest, which is set to be a unique competition that will challenge participants’ filmmaking skills, artistic abilities and the way they view post-production. I published some exclusive insights around how the competition is set to run and Woody talked with Norman Hollyn to discuss editing for it. If you want to know more about the competition, check out the details.


Jeff Foster has been focused on how drone technology can and is impacting media and entertainment for awhile now, and his piece that centered on the FAA and sUAVs/drone rules is a great resource for anyone trying to figure out what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to flying a drone. Earlier this year he published Part 1 and Part 2 of his Aerial Videography with the DJI Inspire series along with a review of the DSLRPros Nighthawk Thermal P2 Kit.

In terms of his non-drone/UAV output, he put together a product review of the AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad Mini SSD 4X1TB, which he’s used for everything from logging 4K media files in the field to editing video in his hotel room. He also published a review of the SwiftCam M3S smartphone handheld stabilizer, which he said would be a useful tool for anyone using their smartphone to capture videos for fun, school or work. He’s another author with a plethora of evergreen content in his archive, so take a look through what’s available there.



As he does every year, Bruce Johnson was at NAB with his camera in hand, grabbing exclusive interviews with everyone from Newtek to Promise Technology to Blackmagic Design, plus plenty more. Later in the year he stopped by the National Drone Show and put together some video highlights along with exclusive interviews with Black Hawk helicopter pilot Christina Engh and info about the Deep Trekker DTG2.

When he wasn’t on the floor of a trade show, Bruce found the time to publish a review of the Fotodiox LED100WA-56 Video Light along with the Fotodiox Flapjack Edge-lit LED Lights as he continues to look for and tell us about lights that are going to be a fit for his work and budget.



The end of 2014 saw Dan Carr kick off a series of articles that were focused on providing some practical advice and insight for freelancers, and that continued in 2015 with a close look at the backup strategy he’s been using along with a new cloud-based production tool that’s designed to simplify the call time process for cast and crew.

He was also able to provide an in-depth review of a Miller Air Carbon Fiber Tripod System as well as some insights around the G-Drive ev ATC to see how it stood up to the elements. You can check out more from Dan over on his site, Shuttermuse.



Kevin P. McAuliffe creates some of the best Media Composer tutorials out there, and his Media Composer 101 series is a perfect resource for anyone who wants to learn how to use the program or needs a refresher.

Aside from his tutorials, his look at codecs brought some clarity to a topic which is anything but simple, his review of Sapphire 9 answered the question of whether or not this version was worth the time and money while his review of Boris FX’s RED 5.5 shows editors how they can expand their toolset and skillset without leaving their NLE. Kevin is another PVC writer whose 2015 output is too massive to fully detail here, so check out his archive for plenty more.



Rich Young’s entries are often the only place you need to go to find out about some of the biggest updates to your favorite Adobe software at NAB or IBC while his frequent roundups of relevant updates and releases can be an ideal resource for anyone who doesn’t want to go hunting for information. He also puts together some great collections of news on tutorials, tips, and related tools assorted with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Additionally, Rich found out whether or not the Microsoft Surface Book was really twice as fast, showcased some Premiere Quicktips, told us about nebula construction in After Effects and in honor of the year’s biggest film, made sure that anyone who wants to create a Star Wars-style lightsaber & lightning effects knew where to turn.



pvc125 Rounding things out, Eric Escobar wrote a piece that takes on the changing environment in production and post by telling us how to survive the post house implosion, but his biggest piece of the year was his look at whether or not the video editor position was a job on the edge of extinction. It’s a question that’s only going to become more relevant to ask in the coming years, and we’ve already heard from various professionals about what technology changes mean today and far into the future. It was also something Eric talked through at length during a That PVC Show podcast.

Bobby Marko put together a couple interviews with cinematographers Paul Koestner and Nancy Schreiber to showcase what it means for them to live and work in very different capacities on very different projects. He also gave us a first look at SmallHD’s new 702 7-Inch 1920×1080 monitor.

Our resident industry historian Richard Wirth has written everything from a requiem for NBC Burbank to the history of the unchanging SMPTE timecode, but his 2015 was highlighted with an article around the restoration of a piece of television history as well as a look at Ernie Kovacs and how he made comedy a uniquely TV experience. You can check out more from Richard and other PVC writers that dig into industry history over on that channel.

While we were only able to feature a single entry from Don Starnes and Mike Zimmer this year, they made the most of it by providing us with a DIY DCP and a tutorial to use any midi controller as a video controller in your editing software, respectively.

You can run through all of the articles I submitted this year, and there were actually quite a few. Opinions might vary, but I was especially proud to find out about the FS7 development process, future camera features and more with Sony Professional, discovering what the past, present and future looked like for Media 100, talking through what IBC 2015 was all about, what it was like to film Mad Max: Fury Road and what people at every level can and should do to find their first or latest job in production and post.

Lastly, we published a number of ebooks this year that should serve as a valuable resource, regardless of where you’re working in the field. We put together a series of downloadable keyboard shortcut documents for Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro, Lightworks and DaVinci Resolve, listed out 7 things you need to know about choosing and using green screen materials and went to 4K and beyond with a number of industry professionals. Make sure you check out all of our ebook offerings.


Like most years, there was an embarrassment of riches in terms of content on PVC in 2015, and this article is just a small sample of the great pieces of content you’ll find in our archives. Keep checking this space for the latest around the tools you’re using and want to be using, and please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter to let us know how we’re doing.


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