Celebrating 100 Episodes of Another DAM Podcast

An Interview with Henrik de Gyor

A huge congratulations to Henrik de Gyor – blogger, writer and a Digital Asset Manager for an educational organization!


While managing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution on a daily basis for an educational institution, he also writes for his vendor agnostic blog about DAM in the user and administrator perspective, and has a weekly podcast about DAM.

MY: Why did you start Another DAM podcast?
HdG: My original intent behind Another DAM podcast was to read blog posts from Another DAM blog to provide a audible version as a different channel for this content plus add interviews of DAM professionals so the global DAM community could hear from them. This was about DAM professionals, by DAM professionals.

MY: What were you hoping to accomplish?
HdG: At first, I was planning to read every blog post from Another DAM blog (which a few publications do today), but I had so many interviews from DAM professionals. I felt the interviews are far more important to release. I decided to read the most read blog posts (based on analytics) as a podcast because they seemed to be important to the DAM community.

MY: What has changed over the past 100 episodes?
HdG: The number of interviews with DAM professionals has increased. Some perspectives have changed over 2 years. Who is willing to speak with me for an interview with a little known podcast has changed over time. The people and organizations who said no at first (or a few times), often change their mind. The variety of industries covered increased as well. Also, Another DAM podcast is the only weekly podcast about Digital Asset Management in the world. Every week, every Thursday.

MY: Who or What was the most entertaining person or topic that you interviewed?
HdG: Some listeners have told me it was my humor, but I will let the listeners decide for themselves. I love hearing from the global DAM community. There is plenty to laugh about when discussing Digital Asset Management (DAM) every day as a DAM professional.

MY: Who was the most controversial person or topic that you interviewed?
HdG: There was very little that was controversial. There were some unlikely organizations to speak publicly and it was refreshing to hear from them.

MY: What can we expect from Another DAM podcast in the coming episodes?
HdG: There will be more interviews and more variety discussing Digital Asset Management.

Again, warm congratulations to Henrik. Thank you for the great blog articles and 100 episodes of fantastic interviews!

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