Avid end the year with Media Composer 2020.12 3
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Jason Carey

Titler+ isn’t controversial, it is a tool that has ruined the ability to make titles for a long time now. It Crashed the Media Composer constantly while using, it didn’t keyframe correctly, etc. A 30 year old professional editing platform needs a fully functioning title tool to work. The people who say go into Photoshop or things like that are apologists. That being said, I use Media composer and hope it finally works properly. In this day and age with Premiere pretty filled outand Resolve growing in leaps and bounds, Avid needs the basic tools to work without a hitch.

Sam Patterson

Titler+ sucks. If you have multi-line titles, things can go wonky fast. Also, you can’t name and save the titles like the old title tool. It just calls everything “filler.” Plus, when I’m in playback and it hits one of the titler+ titles, i start to get stutter and playback issues. This isn’t controversial… it’s just bad.

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