Asset Management For Web Developers

Asset Management For Web Developers

When building large scale database driven web applications which require the development effort of numerous individuals and interoperating teams as well as networked access to a central repository of assets in the form of PHP code, HTML documents, images, source code, media files, and documentation it can help to organize the workflow by keeping track of data and intellectual property assets using specially designed asset management software applications that allow for a meta searchable database of digital media and a check in/check out system to allow multiple designers to work together without doubling up on the same task.

Asset management software isn’t just for enterprise class development anymore. SOHO users will find software such as Canto Cumulus asset management software to be scalable to even the needs of a small design house with only 3-4 developers.

No matter what kind of web development you are doing, proper asset management is key to an organized workflow, especially on projects that depend on numerous individuals and teams and requires the document to “change hands” and allow for the scrutiny of the entire team during every phase of design and development.

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