Armies of Agents – At Your Command

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A quick look at how intelligent agents can supplement your information gathering efforts.

In a world of websites, email, and reports galore, one fact reigns supreme: vital content is king. Today’s savvy business audience is short on patience and long on its need for impactful information. This means substance is critical just as time is money.

It’s not just that you need any old data, right? Getting the job done right means obtaining value from the data you collect. And, when you need information, you need it now.

On the other hand, who among us isn’t suffering from a shortage of both time and money? If only there was a way to gather only the most useful data as it becomes available. In fact, there is. Intelligent Agents are software bots designed to monitor myriad data sources, analyze the data, and report it back, on demand, 24/7.

As discussed, there’s no shortage of information out there. Lucky for you, there’s a never ending supply of Intelligent Software Agents – literally a virtual workforce ready to collect data and glean only the most important aspects of it. Efficiently and cost effectively, you can get the information needed to make critical business decisions – or help customers better understand your market. Best yet, you can have the data delivered to you on a set schedule and in the format you prefer!

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