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Alex Lindsay: Live Streaming in a Nutshell

Live streaming is easy, right? You can whip out a phone, open either YouTube or Facebook and be off to the races! So how do you take advantage of that for your company, your new cooking show, or sports events? Alex Lindsay from Pixelcorps has been doing live streaming for years. He started out by live streaming educational events for Visual Effects Artists. Being that Alex worked at Lucasfilm, he was very qualified and excite to share his knowledge. In the process of putting on the events, they found that their live stream was great. They shifted focus and have been doing a lot more live streaming.

In this presentation, Alex walks us through the basics of live streaming. The first question to ask is whether your content should be live streamed. Not all content benefits from a live stream. In fact, some content can be hurt by a live stream. He also talks about preparation, practice, gear, and delivery. If you are looking to start streaming your own events or programs, Alex’s presentation is a great place to get started.

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Patrick Southern is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge. He is also a documentary editor and has worked on projects for A&E, National Geographic, and the Lifetime Movie Network.