9 reasons why the RØDE SC6-L is radically different from the SC6 9
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Hi. One question. Can I plug the irig2 trrs jack into the adapter? Do you know if it works ?



I have a question that I have found no answer to… can I take a standard 3.5mm aux cable and plug a guitar/bass amplifier from either line out or headphone jack to the SC6-L instead of having to use microphones? If not, is there an extra adapter I could get that could make this work? And if there is, what is it?
Basically, I have a silly music collaboration app and I see people wearing headphones and singing and playing instruments directly into the app. I assume they can hear both the music being played from the app as well as their own instrument as they record. Unfortunately there is no chat or message feature so I can’t ask anyone how they’re doing it. The app is “Collab – Band Together”, in case seeing what I’m talking about helps an answer. Thanks in advance for any info or direction.

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