6: B&H Photo Video Slammed With Tax Evasion Lawsuit, iZotope Introduces Dialogue Match, The New MacBookPro 16″ & More!

Hear The Latest Industry News On The PVC Podcast!

PVC podcast b&h lawsuit, izotope new product, MacBook Pro


This week Scott Simmons, Damian Allen, Gary Adcock and Paul McKenna talk about the biggest industry news of the week. Hear their breakdown of the B&H lawsuit, new feature from iZotope, the 16″ MacBook Pro and more! You can listen to the full podcast below:

More in-depth articles on the stories talked about in this podcast can be found below:

-“B&H Dodged Millions in Tax, New York Attorney General Alleges” from The Verge

iZotope introduces dialogue match 

iZotope dialogue match article by Woody Woodhall

Gary Adcock gets his hands on the new Apple MacBook Pro 16″

Lumberjack Builder review by Scott Simmons

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