5 Reasons to Add CMS to Your Marketing Technology Mix

With the rise of mobile technologies and social media, marketers and advertisers have been forced to re-think the ways their brands connect with customers.

Marketing and advertising professionals still need to create great content, of course. But now they need to produce that content for a much wider range of media channels. They need to deliver it to all channels simultaneously if they want to create the most powerful customer experience. And if they’re running a multi-regional or global campaign, they need to deliver it in all languages, at the same time.

What’s the only way to do this successfully—and cost-effectively?


And what’s the best way to automate workflows from creative to production to management to delivery?

A powerful DAM coupled with a powerful content management system (CMS).

You know the benefits of DAM. You save time by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating asset searches and re-creation. You save money by improving collaboration for distributed teams and speeding up approvals and time-to-market. You boost revenue by reducing errors and delivery expenses, and by protecting brand integrity and company data.

Along with DAM, CMS is becoming an essential marketing technology for top brands, agencies, and publishers—and many of these enterprises are using DAM as a foundation for their CMS.

Here are the five key reasons to add CMS to your marketing technology mix:

1. Creating an amazing brand experience involves lots of grunt work. CMS can automate much of it. CMS can generate assets and content into multiple formats for a complete range of media channels. CMS can also automate scheduling, review and approval processes, and even translation workflows—making your content marketing operation vastly more efficient.

2. CMS optimizes the three key elements of marketing: people, time, and money. With an effective CMS in place, your people are free to focus on what they’re there to achieve—great marketing strategy and great creative execution. You can reduce the time needed to create, produce, and localize your content, so you can get it to market faster—which makes your messages more relevant and gives you competitive advantage. And you can spend your marketing dollars more wisely, in more targeted ways.

3. CMS can streamline internal communications across your organization as well as external communications to customers. Communication within a creative organization is as critical as communication to customers. Everyone on your team needs to be on the same page in terms of marketing content strategy and tactics—the driving forces behind any brand. And the best CMS solutions offer a social platform that can be used for efficient internal communications.

4. CMS can work with DAM to protect your brand value. All CMS tools have a workflow management component, which helps ensure brand integrity and legal compliance so you can reduce if not eliminate the kinds of errors that have the potential to damage your brands.

5. Together, CMS, DAM, and “big data” analytics make it easy to quickly measure results and then refine your content strategy and tactics. Agencies and other marketing organizations are being asked to measure and report on what their content is driving in terms of brand exposure and sales. When CMS and DAM are integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you have a powerful platform for understanding content performance and then rapidly adjusting for better results. Use CRM analytics to understand the impact of your content, and then review your strategy, adjust your content and your channel mix, quickly deliver the updated content via your CMS, measure again, and repeat the process until you have the desired results.

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As Chief Marketing Technologist for Client Solutions at IO Integration (IOI), David Parker is responsible for IOI’s content and multi-channel marketing business solutions and consulting growth in North America and the UK. An excellent general manager of c-level business & marketing technology and strategies, David excels at delivering high value innovative technologies that drive business growth in globally competitive environments. He has a unique understanding of business processes in complex matrix companies and a focus on driving change through “simplicity” for rapid technology adoption, engagement and revenue growth.





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