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28 Days of Quicktips 2015 – #28daysofquicktips

A tip a day for 28 days. Send your own and maybe win a prize!

Way, way back in the year 2009 when I started this channel on PVC I published the 28 Days of Quicktips. And then we did it again in 2011 and included reader quicktips. It was exactly what the title says, one Quicktip a day for the entire month of February that somehow related to post-production. We’re going to do it again for 2015. Like we did in 2011, this year we’re also looking for user submitted Quicktips. Just send us your favorite short Quicktip and an accompanying image or two that helps illustrate the tip and we’ll try to publish those as well. And as an incentive to send us your own Quicktips I will choose what I personally judge to be the best submission and send them a free copy of the Color Correction Handbook. Details below.

Here’s how submitting reader Quicktips will work:

Write up a brief description of your favorite Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC or really any other post-production software (or hardware related) Quicktip. Pretty much anything is fair game if it’s useful. Keep it short and to the point. These need to be tips that are handy and helpful that might not be entirely common knowledge. The most basic things like how to set and clear IN and OUT points won’t be published. The value of a Quicktip and its publish-worthiness will be determined entirely by me, myself and I. Each tip MUST be accompanied by at least one image to illustrate the point. If that image needs some kind caption please include that in the email as well. Images must be in jpeg or png format no larger than 600 pixels wide. And please be honest and make these quicktips your own. Don’t steal them from someone else and don’t pick ones out that you’ve already seen elsewhere on the web or on Twitter.

Send the Quicktip and images to this email address: quicktips@icloud.com

That’s pretty much it. Email it over between February 1 and February 26. Please include your name and a link to your website or twitter handle if you want that published with your Quicktip. Any other email addresses or identifying information will be kept confidential.

Thanks in advance and I hope this can be a fun way to share some Quicktips with your fellow editors. Use the hashtag #28daysofquicktips when discussing or twittering.

One person who submits a Quicktip that meets the above criteria on or before February 26, 2011 will receive a copy of Alexis Van Hurkman’s Color Correction Handbook (second edition)

Send us your own Quicktip and you could win a copy of the Color Correction Handbook.

That’s about it. Write a short Quicktip with accompanying images, email it to quicktips@icloud.com between February 1 and February 26 and if I think it’s the best one that’s published after the 28 Days of Quicktips comes to an end you get a copy of that great book. I’ll personally ship it over! Obviously we’ll need the tipster’s email address (which we’ll get when you email the Quicktip) to contact the winner for a shipping info but that email address won’t be published on the website. 

Thanks in advance and I hope this can be a fun way to share some Quicktips with your fellow editors. Any questions just email quicktips@icloud.com and we’ll try to answer.



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