ART OF THE CUT – Walter Murch, ACE with clarifications on his books

Walter Murch, ACE editing

Walter Murch, ACE, has edited for more than six decades on more than 60 films and more Oscars, Emmys, Eddies and BAFTA awards than I can mention. Just go to his imdb page and save me some time. I sat in a screening room in San Francisco with Walter before watching the documentary he edited, […]

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Learn Scratch – Part 3 Outputting Continued and Color Managed Workflows

Scratch Splash Screen

I always find that rendering/exporting/outputting out of any application to be very hit and miss.  Obviously, the less options there are, the easier it is, however, in the case of Scratch, which is both a finishing application AND a dailies application, you need a lot more options when it comes to outputting (burn in, raster […]

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Voices From Sundance: “Dinner in America” Editor Adam Carter Rehmeier

Art of the Cut Bonus episode Voices from Sundance Podcast with Aggie editor Gil Seltzer

Welcome to a special podcast series from Steve Hullfish and ProVideo Coalition! For the next few weeks, in addition to the regular Tuesday episodes of the Art of the Cut, we will be releasing Steves conversations with the editors of the top films at Sundance Film Festival 2020.               […]

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