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Zalán Besenyei

Dear Allan,

I’d like to copy a tape made with a Canon XL-H1 HDV camera to a PC (edius). The casette is not supported by my Sony HVR -1500 VTR. I think it could be either 1080 24p or 1080 30p. There is no HDMI on the device. Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance for your help


Last edited 2 years ago by Zalán Besenyei

Hello Allan!

I came to this page because of reading in this article that Sony doesn’t allow 720/30p to pass through firewire from their decks/video cameras.. while I was having problems transferring some old video tapes.

So I have a canon hv10 camcorder that I was trying to use to get some old footage from stuff that was recorded in 2001 on DV tape.

So this was fed from the HV10 via firewire into premiere and while it looked like the capture worked, the video looked slow and the audio was messed up.

I talked to someone about this and they said it was possibly recorded with a DVCAM camera after researching pictures of the camera.

My question, is there any way to input into a pc via firewire this DVCAM footage? What camera or deck should I look for? Any help or links would be greatly appreciated!



I wonder by any chance if you can help me out?
I have a sony hvr 1500a deck in good working condition.
I am trying to copy dvd tapes to macbook air M1 laptop via lifeflix
I have the adapters and lifeflix recognizes the deck. The tape play and displays on the mini screen on the deck but does not display in lifeflix. Lifeflix controls the deck but does not show the image.
I have tried various output settings on the deck but no luck. I can get it to work with hdv tapes.
Same issue with using imovie and Quicktime.
Oh and no problems if I use a camcorder as the player.
Can you help?



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