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Red to Avid Workflow Utility

XMiL Sequencer offers a way for Avid editors to preserve Red metadata throughout the offline process.

Rainer Standke, longtime participant on the FCP-L and Avid-L2 mailing lists, editor, and software developer, has released XMiL Sequencer. This handy utility allows editors to import file-based camera originals, such as QuickTime movies created from Red’s R3D files, into Avid environments while preserving all necessary metadata.

The workflow requires the clips be strung out in a Final Cut Pro sequence. An XML file of that sequence is then exported from Final Cut Pro, along with a videotape of the string out. XMiL Sequencer converts the XML file to an ALE (Avid Log Exchange) file. Import the ALE into the Avid system, and digitize the the string out from videotape. Though this work flow is cumbersome (like everything else in Red), it allows the Avid editor to track back to the original footage via time code. Something not possible when simply importing QuickTimes into Avid.

It makes you wonder how many folks would have eagerly jumped on the Red bandwagon had they known that an inexpensive camera doesn’t mean inexpensive or elegant post workflows.

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