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Real batch exporting with Final Cut Pro X

This week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training is joined by special guest Brandan Fisher. Brandan, in town for the recent Final Cut Pro X Summit, came on the show to demonstrate his batch exporting application for Final Cut called FCPXporter.

While it is possible to do something close to batch exporting in Final Cut Pro X natively – Steve explained how in this MacBreak Studio episode – Brandan found that if you have a large number of projects to export, it was still time-consuming as it required a keystroke combination to be executed for each individual project to send it to the export queue.

So, he created an app that automatically exports a set of projects based on the share settings that you select. You simply select the starting project to export, choose the number of projects below that one in the Browser (set to List view) to be included, and it pushes all of them to the background export process automatically.

A simple app, but if you often find yourself needing to export many projects in large batches, you may find it indispensable. You can find it, along with Brandan’s cool color-coded folders, at

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