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Rampant Design’s 4K Flares

Working in a 4K environment

Rampant Design moves into the 4K fray with their new 4K and 5K flares and smoke effects.  Designed as easy to use drag and drop effects for editors, motion/visual effects creatives.

These drag and drop effects are made for visual effects editors by award-winning effects editors. Making these easy to use is paramount to these guys and by keeping the files in Quicktime you do not need to install software or plug-ins to make these work.



While I am not exclusively an editor I find myself editing more often than shooting video. To be honest, I’d rather be out shooting so when I find a way to add effects or need to take a project to another level quickly… I seize on it.  Rampant Design in the past has made drag/drop effects quck and easy to use.  That’s important for me as I am sure it is for you too.  Now that I find 4K an option, which I sometimes shoot, I am more inclined to want to have all my editing assets to be the same resolution.  To me, having 4K flares or smoke is just a part of my 4K tool kit.  While I’m not in a 4K world often now I know in the near future I will be and having all the assets at the ready means I am more likely to pull that trigger.


No plugins.  No software to add to your system.  Just QuickTime Movies you can layer in the program of your choice.  Another bonus, the file sizes for these 4K flares are not the typical 4K robustness.  They’re quite reasonable so storage and downloading are relatively simple.  As 4K becomes more and more popular we’ll start seeing more and more editings tools sized to fit. 





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