Quicktip Day 03: Project folders in the Finder sidebar

The Mac Finder sidebar can be your friend


Quicktip #3 (February 3, 2009) Put Project folders in the Finder sidebar

I access my Final Cut Pro projects folder and my Avid projects folder all the time so I put those folders into the Places sidebar in the Finder window via click and drag. They are always there, even in an Open and Save dialog box. This is on my machine at home where I have both Avid and Final Cut Pro installed on the same drive. Another good tip if you run both applications is to install two separate boot drives, one for Avid and one for Final Cut Pro. Then you can keep your OS and your QuickTime version at the currently supported versions. It’s a bit of a pain to manage two drives but it’s better than doing a random update and then having a crashing application to troubleshoot when you need to be working.

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