PVC 2.5 is Going to Rock!

Every time there’s a major software update to one of my favorite programs, I look forward to the experience of opening the program for the first time. Sometimes there’s a major overhaul and things change dramatically – think about the upcoming FCP. Other times there’s “dot-upgrades” where nothing much has changed in the user interface, but the back end is far more stable, and it becomes an overall program with features that make it even more invaluable.

I am happy to say that PVC, along with our sister sites; ProPhoto, Pro3D, ProAudio, etc, are all experiencing a “dot-upgrade” with a recent investment by Createasphere. You may know Createasphere, formerly HD Expo, for their education, Entertainment Technology Expos, Post Production Master Classes, and much more. Createasphere will not only be investing in our properties, they will integrate into the day-to-day role behind the scenes. What you may not have realized was how small PVC was behind the scenes, prior to this investment. Sure we have a great arsenal of writers, and that will not change, but we had no accountant, no web developer, no full time sales force. The back-end is getting stronger allowing PVC to grow to its potential. The things you don’t see behind the scenes, will now allow our writers to deliver more great content.

Together, PVC and Createasphere are going to take these sites to a bigger and more stable place, both online and in-person.

I plan on being part of the transition to make sure things run smoothly, and potentially much longer. I am really excited about this transition to PVC 2.5 and will finally be able to realize much of our plans moving forward.

Scott Gentry
ProVideo Coalition

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