Premiere Pro News Notes #10

Here's another collection of news on tutorials, tips, and related tools assorted with Adobe Premiere Pro. Things have been a little slower, perhaps in anticipation of a Creative Cloud update, though paywall training courses saw several new releases.

See the October 2014 update in New Creative Cloud and mobile apps at MAX 2014.

The big news was the IBC 2014 previews of the latest features coming to Creative Cloud pro video apps. The release has been said to be in October 2014. Features are a bit light this time, except for Premiere Pro, but these are updates not new version releases, like the ones in June. Hopefully there are few kinks in any UI changes amid the high-DPI functionality upgrades. Here's Al Mooney from the Premiere team with an overview, and his presentation at the IBC 2014 SuperMeet.

New features mentioned on the Adobe Premiere Pro team blog include :

  • Advanced search functions
  • browsing and import of other Premiere Pro and After Effects projects for easy access to their media and sequences
  • Archive, convert, or move a project with Consolidate and Transcode.
  • Render and Replace
  • Full encode/decode support for the GoPro CineForm codec offers users a cross-platform intermediate codec, with full support for alpha and large frame sizes of 4K and beyond. With the GoPro CineForm codec, frame width must be evenly divisible by 16, frame height by 8.
  • Installing free decoder or GoPro Studio gives users QT Player 7 and system decode (restart may be necessary; VLC doesn't work).
  • native support for 4K, 5K, 6K and higher content, now including debayering Phantom Cine and Canon RAW, as well as RED and Cinema DNG footage. Support for the AJA RAW format.
  • Masking and Tracking improvements


Others have their own takes on the prerelease version of the app.

◊ For a video walkthrough, see the webinar replay from the Adobe's Jason Levine in an Ask a Video Pro session from IBC September 12. 

◊ Josh Weiss has video and extra pictures and comments in Premiere Pro CC 2014 IBC Update- New Features Coming our Way (24-minute video), and in Match Source Settings in Premiere Pro CC 2014 (IBC Update). Josh also posted What’s the Deal with Proxy Workflows in Premiere Pro? R3D to MOV nightmare… if you also have problems relinking, file a bug report too.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 (8.1 Update) by Vashi Nedomansky is another summary. By the way, the “Pancake Timeline” was used for many years without a name in both Premiere and Final Cut, probably because Avid-quality Trimming wasn't implemented and direct manipulation mousing was easy.

◊ Remember that UI brightness is user-adjustable when reading Scott Simmons' Dissecting those upcoming Adobe Premiere Fall CC 2014 Preview Features. But yeah, most people will likely agree with Scott and choose a lighter shade than Adobe's full-on dark Appearance setting that makes the blue highlight too bright and other highlights hard to see. It's uncertain whether complaints on the Adobe Forums (Premiere and After Effects) will lead to Appearance preference options. Let's hope that all tutorials videos are made with a lighter, better-to-see appearance.

◊ AMD posted some video from IBC 2014; see page bottom.

◊ Video from Adobe's Dave Helmly articles are below, What’s New in the Fall release of Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 and Premiere Pro CC & the new GoPro CineForm Codec

Hopefully, tutorial authors will brighten the extreme dark appearance setting of the Premiere UI so viewers can see better. It's not so much a problem full screen in hi-res, but compression artifacts in current enforced data rate streaming on YouTube are brutal.

Step into the light


Worries over outsourcing editing popped up again after Bravo fired striking video editors of the Shahs of Sunset. This time, web collaboration and review & approval tools like Forbidden Technologies FORScene, among others (not just Avid and Adobe), give the issue real bite. For details, see ThePowerEdit on The massive editorial change to YOUR wallet, and what to do about it.

Caleb Ward has an article Quick Tip: Creating Extended Markers in Premiere Pro, on learning how to mark a range in your timeline.

Fallen Empire discusses changing shortcuts Premiere Pro CC 2014 Quick Tip: Missing Trim Shortcuts.

Basics of audio was on someone's mind. Film Riot posted Quicktips: Audio Editing! and FilmmakerIQ posted The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video.

Adobe is concerned about Demo reel tips and best practices, posting articles and Adobe TV movies on the topic.

Lynda.com released several new classes in September (finishing example below):

Larry Jordan extracts samples of his training:


Premiere Pro CC 2014: Built-In Audio Mastering Plug-In by Stan Arthur looks at the Audition plug-in that's now in Premiere too.

Indie Cinema Academy discusses Why You Should Stop Using Your Histogram (Camera Lesson 29) and How To Get Consistent Results With Your Histogram (Camera Lesson 30).

 Mixing Light previews new training with What is the difference between the Free and Paid versions of Davinci Resolve? See also the TaoColorist Sunday roundups.

Kevin Monahan echoed an AE problem/solution from last year in Slow rendering of After Effects compositions in Premiere Pro sequences. Any Mac OS X app that works in the background might be better with App Nap turned off (Get Info on app and click checkbox).

AMD FirePro Community News posted some video from IBC 2014:

Note that this roundup is for quick review and comparison. There is almost always extra vital information from the originating authors at the links provided — and often free presets, plug-ins, or stock footage too.


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