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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Source Browser In-Depth

As Media Composer editors, we’ve been cheated for a long while, when it comes to easily previewing elements before importing or linking to them.  Premiere and FCPX have had these features for a while, but with the 8.6 update for Media Composer, something very cool has happened.  Not only can we now preview all of our elements before we import/link to them, but we can also create a Favorites list of locations that we can quickly navigate to.  If you use a style elements from a company like Rampant Design Tools, much like I do on almost a daily basis, you know that if you can’t find the right element super quick, the point of all of this is lost.  What I like to do is to set up favorites folders for each of my RDT elements right in the Source Browser, so getting to the clips is super quick, and once there, finding the right element is super simple, by simply selecting the thumbnail, and hitting play!

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Kevin P McAuliffe is a three time North American ProMax award winning editor and a Media Composer editor for over 15 years. He is a featured trainer at MacProVideo and is also one of the…

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