Keith Collea Shares the Power of Stereoscopic 3D

3D Road Show instructor is passionate about this tool that allows people to tell their stories in new and innovative ways

Keith Collea is a versatile and knowledgeable stereographer who has constructed 3D landscapes across a gamut of independent and studio features. He has worked on indies such as The Gene Generation and The Mortician 3D as well as big-budget productions like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D and The Monkey King 3D, Asia’s largest 3D production to date.


Createasphere talked with the Keith after the successful launch of the 3D Road Show in October.

Createasphere: What are you currently at work on?

Keith: Next week I’m flying to Moscow to do plate shots/3D shots for Resident Evil: Retribution (Resident Evil 5)

Createasphere: What drew you into stereoscopic 3D?

Keith: To put it simply, I find 3D an amazing storytelling tool. I am always motivated to find the best way that 3D can be used to help in that process, and I think that it offers a new dimension to telling stories that is unique.

I see 3D as the most important technological advancement in storytelling since motion was added to still images, sound to silent movies, and color to motion pictures. I am passionate about it.

Createasphere: Do you see an increase in the quest for knowledge of 3D from different content creators?

Keith: Yes, because creative people are always looking for more from everything they use to create. I think that many creative people see 3D as more than having things fly into their faces; there’s so much more to 3D than objects jumping from the screen. There are interesting and compelling ways to use the format, and they want to know what those things are and understand how to use them.

Createasphere: Do you have a “dream” 3D project?

Keith: My dream is always for projects that will use depth in the most creative way possible, but not use 3D as a gimmick. I see the depth and roundness as an important expression, just as we use color and sound to tell story. When those advancements began, some filmmakers at first didn’t understand the implication of subtle sounds, or the use of color to tell the story, and that’s the same point we’re at now with 3D.

Createasphere: Do you envision 3D as being used in other, non “entertainment” venues?

Keith: Yes, I believe the fastest growing use of 3D is in training. There is a lot of information that shows retention to be twice as high as it is in 2D. I think we’ll see a vast use of 3D for training, among other opportunities wherever there is “story.”

Createasphere: Tell us about your recent Road Show experience in Chicago?

Keith: I found the eagerness of the audience to learn more to be encouraging. Attendees arrived knowing the technical importance and power of 3D, but they were mystified by it. There was a high level of engagement in the education we were presenting, and that enthusiasm made it exciting for me. They were still engrossed in the conversation at hour 5! So, the Road Show was a big step towards demystifying the process. I think that they left with an understanding of how they could implement 3D into their work.

Createasphere: Who was in the audience?

Keith: It was a really great group of local filmmakers, from features, reality, documentaries, and industrials, who were curious how difficult 3D would be to incorporate in their projects. I think that there is a lot of confusion about 3D in general for content creators, and these filmmakers wanted to get real information, dispel the myths, and get a real sense of how to use 3D to enhance their projects.

Createasphere: Any final thoughts?

Keith: I feel fortunate to be able to spread the gospel of 3D and hope that everyone shares my passion. Opportunities like the 3D Road Show enable me to instill my enthusiasm for 3D in others.

Createasphere’s 3D Road Show moves to Cromwell, CT at ProductionCONN on December 1, 2011. It then continues in Austin, TX on December 8 and Orlando, FL on December 15. To register, visit:


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