How an Everyday Life Event can Become a Transmedia Event

Some days ago a friend of mine, owner of music bar close to my house, decided to plan a Funky Night with a Dj in 15 days.

From that idea I started thinking what I would have done to transform it into a transmedia experience.

Let's start from creating a poster for the event and an hashtag (#nameevent2013). This image will be the icon of the project as the hashtag and I will use it to communicate to these various channels:

  • creation or updates to a website
  • Facebook (creating an event)
  • Twitter
  • Newsletter
  • Pinterest (in a new board)
  • Instagram (a vintage funky picture of the poster)
  • Google Plus
  • Youtube (creating a video with the poster a funky music as soundtrack in my channel)
  • Vine (a 6 seconds edited shooting of the poster)

Every single day I will do something to promote or talk up the event:

  • website: writing in the blog about famous parties and music groups of the funky era
  • Facebook: Funky music videos from youtube channel, asking to people invited to post funky music they would like to be played
  • Twitter: Famous lines from funky music lyrics
  • Pinterest: Pictures of funky music record covers
  • Instagram: vintage pictures of funky era clothing and look
  • Google Plus: articles about funky music
  • Youtube: adding funky music videos 
  • Vine (a 6 seconds edited shooting of funky music videos and of the location)

After one week I send a newsletter with the reminder (the image of the poster) and with the links to all the contents posted. 

The day before the party:

  • I send a final reminder (and I post on Facebook event page) with the 10 song playlist the dj will play
  • I ask the people to use instagram, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest , Twitter, to post “funky moments” with the identified hashtag
  • I ask the people to shazam the songs they like and to tweet them on Twitter with the hashtag. The day after the song shazamed will be posted on the Facebook event page

The day of the party:

  • the dj wears a t-shirt with the hashtag
  • some posters with the “instructions” as written in the newsletter are hung on the wall 
  • I set up a small photo-call corner with the hashtag allowing people to picture yourselves 

The day after the party:

  • I create a Storyfy page named after the hashtag with my contents and user generated contents building my event story.
  • I post the Storyfy link through all the media with the hashtag

This is just a simple example but it shows how for transmedia the sky is the limit. A snapshot of everyday life can be told as a story and built up step by step. The result of this process is a 360 degrees transmedia experience.   

Would you add something to these lists?



Mattia Nicoletti

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