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Envato Elements Adds Video Assets to Complete a “Netflix for Creatives” Subscription Model Service

Envato Elements now includes 60,000+ Video assets

The proliferation of creative marketplaces has changed everything. Whether we’re talking about the way in which audiences consume content or when and how they expect that content to be available, this change is the reason why terms like “Netflix for sports” and “Netflix for apparel” have become more popular. Understandably, this desire to easily access and utilize a variety of assets has also permeated the creative professional space, and it’s why a company that has already been dubbed the “Netflix for creatives” has taken the concept to a whole new level.

Envato, a creative ecosystem and marketplace for creative assets and digital goods, launched Envato Elements two years ago. It is a subscription product that provides creatives with unlimited access to over 600,000 creative items for a monthly or annual fee. The company was inspired by ‘best practice’ subscription models that would allow them to offer this kind of “Netflix for creatives” package, but their recent launch of video has created a whole new value proposition for anyone who needs to utilize these types of assets to complete their work.

Envato Elements now includes 60,000+ Video assets, including video templates for After Effects, Motion Project Files and Final Cut Pro Project Files as well as stock footage and motion graphics. These assets have been added to a package that already includes photos, graphics and graphic templates, fonts, WordPress and website templates, 3D objects and plenty more. It speaks to the company’s continual commitment to expansion and improvement for their products which are used by professionals all around the world

Envato Market and Envato Elements are essentials products for a broad range of digital creatives, be they designers, web-developers, video producers, app developers and more. This includes freelancers, in-house creatives and agencies, as well as hobbyists and people working on side-projects. Users get immediate and affordable access to high-quality, on-trend assets that have been produced by leading creatives on some incredible projects.

“From the feedback we’ve received from subscribers to the end result of the work we’ve seen created using Envato Elements items, we know that Envato Elements has made a big and positive difference,” said Ben Chan, Chief Commercial Officer. “We’ve seen items sold on Envato appear everywhere from the opening credits of films and TV, including London Has Fallen, which is using one of our After Effects template, to the world of music where Kanye West used stock footage in one of his music videos, and Christina Aguilera used an After Effects template for a lyric video. ”

Envato Market sells individual items (eg: an After Effects transition file) while Envato Elements is a subscription product whereby users get unlimited access to over 600,000 items for a monthly or annual fee. All of the items on Envato Elements have the same simple, future-proof license terms. These items include design assets, fonts, add-ons, presentation & graphic templates, photos, WordPress themes & plug-ins, photos, video templates and stock video.  

Envato video assets have also appeared on television, with this After Effects template featured on Ellen, The Daily Show using a selection of animations for this segment featuring DJ Khaled, and Conan O’Brien using this broadcast template in a recent skit as well as The Circle, which is using a stock animation. You can see further examples of Envato Market items in use in their Famous Five video series. Critically though, there are advantages associated with utilizing these products and services in tandem with one another. 

“Not all items on Envato Market are available on Envato Elements and therefore both services compliment each other,” Chan told ProVideo Coalition. “People use either or both depending on the volume of items they use, as well as how they like to work. For example, having unlimited access via Envato Elements provides creatives with limitless freedom to test and play with a wide range of items to find the perfect fit for their project.”

While the company itself is turning 12 in 2018, Envato Elements has only been around since 2016, which makes their addition of video so powerful. Users have already been enjoying unlimited downloads for a fixed monthly price for some time now, and that library has been augmented in an especially powerful way with this brand new set of assets. Unlimited access to over 600,000 items for $29/month (or $19/month if paid annually) is providing value for creatives in a variety of ways.

All that’s required from users to get going on the platform is to create an account and select your preferred payment method. Once that’s done, you can immediately start browsing and downloading items, and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. The ease and utility of getting up and running with Envato Elements is plain to see, but what if you’re not sure that these items are going to allow you to complete your work?

Start browsing the site to see the huge amount of amazing content that will make creating high-quality projects, much quicker (and cheaper), and join a truly global community of content makers and creatives of all shapes and sizes,” Chan concluded.


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