Cineform Neo 3D Tutorial

Muxing 2D CineForm clips for 3D


For a few years now, Cineform has been quietly developing some incredible tools for 3D post-production. We caught up with them last year at NAB 2009 and talked for a solid half hour about their tools and 3D production in general, you can watch those videos here. So I was excited to see that David Newman has also recently posted a video tutorial on how to use Neo 3D to sync and mux multiple 3D footage sources. Watch below.

Neo 3D Tutorial — Muxing 2D CineForm clips for 3D. from David Newman on Vimeo.

I should note that Cineform’s Neo 3D won a number of awards at the NAB 2009 expo. As this video demonstrates, what should be an incredibly difficult post-production process actually looks easy, thanks to this relatively affordable toolset. It is truly an incredibly freeing time to be a filmmaker!

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