Avid Media Composer 7 ships. Here’s 25 new features

These come to the web courtesy of Wim Van den Broeck

Avid has officially released Media Composer 7 and it’s ready for download. Sadly I’m right in the middle of a job using once of Avid’s competitors so I haven’t been able to try this new version yet. But never fear, the power of the internet brings us a great list of the top 25 features of MC7. These come courtesy of Wim Van den Broeck. If you’re not following Wim on Twitter then do so now as he’s the Avid guy to follow. And yes anyone can embed a tweet but we are doing it with permission from Wim. Thanks for putting these together.

As I was looking through this list of new Avid Media Composer features it really makes clear that MC7 is mostly about under-the-hood changes. Many of those to AMA. This might be one of those releases that seem small on features but it’ll probably end up being an important one as it’ll make life for editors move a bit more smoothly. Here’s Wim’s list (click on the images for a better look):
















Next Page: The rest of the list as well as a lot of other MC7 stuff.











That's quite the list. Thanks Wim. And if that wasn't enought here's a few more things I bookmarked from today's Avid Media Composer7 release:









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