Apple Motion — every editor’s secret weapon 3
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Thanks for covering this Iain. Though I’m mostly a graphic designer, I’ve used Motion for over a decade mostly for short corporate presentation type work but also for editing live hour-long presentations plus animations in 3d. I find Motion powerful and easy to understand the basics, and there are excellent online tutorials for more advanced features. In all that time I assumed I was using the much less capable option since almost everyone uses AE, but reading a few of AE’s limitations here made me feel better. For example, that AE doesn’t allow easy grouping or animate audio. Meanwhile Motion allows using a replicator as a particle source. That beings my Mac to its knees but it’s interesting to explore. I’m now keen to test the USDZ feature. Since I’m approaching retirement I hope to continue using Motion to work on animating music as a hobby. Just a few bug fixes and the ability to use all my Mac’s hardware when rendering would make Motion even better.

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