Adobe has lots of blogs but Kevin’s is the best one

If you’re a Premiere Pro CS6 (After Effects too) user then bookmark this useful blog


While recently clicking around and updating my RSS feeds in the good ‘ole Google Reader I happened upon this long, long list of Adobe blogs. Adobe is a big company so it’s no surprise they have a lot of people blogging about their various corners of the company but the size of that list is ridickerous. That said there are some that have either closed, haven’t updated in years or have never updated at all. For Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 the blog to follow is Kevin Monahan’s After Effects and Premiere Pro blog.

Kevin is Sr. Content and Community Lead – Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro at Adobe Systems, Inc. or so his Twitter profile says. He’s certainly one of the most available liaisons that I’ve seen between a post-production related software company and their users (Avid’s Marianna Montague is the other and she is legendary among Avid users as being someone who can get stuff done for customers. She’s on Twitter too).

While the Premiere Pro Work Area blog is a good link for technical updates Kevin’s Adobe blog is a great place browse if you’re into Premiere Pro CS6 as there are a lot of useful links. Here’s a few work linking:

Timeline trimming in Premiere Pro CS6

Smart Rendering in Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.1, and later)

Smaller Premiere Pro CS6 trim tool icons

Alternatives to the jog shuttle controls in Premiere Pro CS6

Better searches for Community Help

Exporting media using Adobe Media Encoder CS5, CS5.5 and CS6

Exporting Sections of a Sequence

Thanks Kevin for being active in the community and being available to the end users to discuss products, listen to complaints and address issues. Other software companies could lean a thing or two from you … and Marianna as well.

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