Craft Editing in DaVinci Resolve 15 Pt. 1

As DaVinci Resolve has continued to evolve as a non-linear editing tool many editors have been curious about how it stacks up in a crowded NLE market. Scott Simmons had as well, and while he had done a few smaller jobs in Resolve he hadn’t taken on a full, paid client edit … until now. These are some notes, both good and bad, that he’s made over his time editing in Resolve 15. Tune in July 31st for Part 2!

  • • The decision to do the creative, craft edit in Resolve vs. other NLEs
  • • Setting up for the edit and understanding some of the challenges when “switching”
  • • Preferences, settings, switches and buttons to understand before you begin
  • • A few of those things to love in DaVinci Resolve for creative editorial
  • • Random thoughts and musings from cutting in Resolve over several weeks

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