Review – The Sensel Morph and its use in video editing

Sensel-morph-editing overlay

I’ve written about alternative input devices for editing and post-production many times here on The Editblog. There’s the RollerMouse, the Magic Mouse, Tangent Element and Ripple, X-Keys, CTRL+Console, PROCUTX and some other mice and stuff. They all have some varying degree of usefulness and/or uselessness. That often depends a lot on how the editor works […]

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After Effects News 2018 June #1

After Effects News 2018 June #1 2

The media landscape for After Effects has passed its fourth or fifth extinction. We’re well beyond just forums, magazines, VHS tapes, authoritative and not-so-much books, DVD sets, plug-in vendor stars, and steaming video supersites. Much of the older channels and venues still exist of course, but there’s a sense that some newer voices are hidden […]

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28 Weeks of Post Audio Redux

28 Weeks of Post Audio Redux 5

Editor’s Note: “28 Weeks of Post Audio” originally ran over the course of 28 weeks starting in November of 2016. Given the renewed focus on the importance of audio for productions of all types, PVC has decided to republish it as a daily series this month along with a new entry from Woody at the […]

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