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Panasonic’s Secret Surprise Camera: NAB 2017 Video

This is not an official announcement. At least this is the feeling Panasonic is projecting at NAB 2017 with their new mystery camera hiding under a veil. So much drama! Is it too much drama? Maybe melodramatic? Who knows. See what Panasonic is saying… er not saying about their new camera.

Panasonic’s Missing Link

Panasonic has the VariCam LT which is a wonderful camera if not a little expensive for some owner/operators. Then Panasonic has the GH5 a mirrorless Micro 4/3 camera which is becoming very popular and is very affordable. Now, Panasonic has no camera in the mid-range.  Nothing. Sony, for example, has the A7 mirrorless series, The FS7, and the FS5 landing smack dab in-between those first two. I have a feeling Panasonic is just as eager to fill that market space too.

Hopes / Dreams

We know nothing about this camera other than it exists. Panasonic is not talking specs or divulging any details just yet. All we have are hopes and dreams. I hope this mystery camera has an S35mm sized sensor and not the smaller Micro 4/3 sized sensor in the GH5. I hope this camera shoots 4K at 60p and I hope it shoots 10bit color. Now, Panasonic will not put everything in this mystery camera that’s in the VariCam LT. There must be some difference. How much? We will have to wait and see.

The new Panasonic camera is hidden under a shroud of mystery
The Panasonic GH5 with a very nice Leica lens on it.