VFX Basics with Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro has a palette full of video effects

In our third look at MAGIX Vegas Pro we’re looking at a bit more depth when it comes to effects and adding some pizazz to your video. Like many other NLEs, Vegas Pro has a palette full of video effects (more can be added via the Vegas plug-ins) that can be applied using a clip by clip method. You can also apply effects to an entire track without using the adjustment layer way of working that some other NLEs use. But the design of Vegas takes effects one step further and lets you apply effects to the entire project which can give you more options during the edit. If you wanted to apply something like a vignette or color correction to the entire edit you could do that by applying the effect to the video master output.

Like many things in Vegas Pro there are several ways to achieve any task and the flexibly of Vegas Pro means an editor can really tailor the application to how he or she likes to work.

Finally, we’ll render an output as Vegas Pro provides many different output options for exporting your edit for broadcast, the web or any number of video services.

You can also watch other videos from this series below.

Introducing Vegas Pro

VEGAS Pro Editing Basics

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