The (Considerable) Downside To “Citizen Journalism”


This article from Advertising Age describes a slight downside to the trend of “citizen journalism.” (And if you follow the link, there is a picture that, if you click on it, is pretty NSFW.) It seems that since the release of the CBSEyeMobile app for the iPhone, the standards of what is considered “journalism” seem to have slipped a bit. That is to say, user-generated porn clips are becoming more common among all the other user-generated content.

Jeez, who woulda seen that coming? The nice thing about real, paid journalists is that if they engage in shenanigans like that, you can fire them. But “citizens” just need a new IP address, alias and user account to continue to pollute your brand. And since perception is truth, the damage, once done, can be incredibly hard to undo.

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