The Best Five Bucks You’ll Ever Spend

Greetings from sunny Florida. The family has run away from the 90+” of snow in Madison for a mini-family reunion this weekend. Of course, it can’t be a family reunion without some kind of weapon of mass distraction…

…and this time it’s marshmallow guns. How to make them isn’t important (although if you email me I’ll let you know.) What you do need to know is that you can get the parts for your marshmallow gun at almost any home center, and in this case we picked Home Depot. So my brother and I are wandering the aisles in our usual slack-jawed mode, thinking “Wow, what I could make outta THAT,” when suddenly I see it – The Best Five Bucks You’ll Ever Spend.

Of course, this being a video blog, it better have a video focus, right? Well, it does, and the subject this time is Cable Control. The object in question is Velcro, specifically Velcro Brand Straps Reusable Ties. If you have any cables to manage – and who among us doesn’t? – you know they have to be coiled up and secured, let we suffer the wrath of Tanglos, The Wrathful God Of Cable Tangling. So, for five bucks you get 50 of these little beauties, eight inches long, and with a slot cut through each one so you can attach them to a cable for permanent residence. Of course, since they are only Velcro-ed to themselves, that means you can remove and reuse them as well. Eight inches isn’t long enough for every cable – no 500 foot Triax runs need apply, obviously – but for audio cables, reasonable coax runs, VGA, Firewire, you name it – they are the best.

In fact, I love these things so much that I”ll give one to anyone that wants a sample, and no, I don’t own stock in Velcro. Just be one of the first 50 people to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to this address:

Velcro Giveaway
c/o Painted Post MultiMedia
PO Box 51
Madison WI 53701

and I’ll send back a happy little Velcro strap for you to test out. And if you want to find them in your local hardware store, the UPC code number is 75967 90924.

Happy strapping!

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