Revealing the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

IBC 2015 was an exciting time for Adobe Pro Video as we revealed what’s new and changed in the forthcoming updates to the CC 2015 professional video and audio applications, including Premiere Pro. (Please note that a bug fix update, Premiere Pro CC 2015 9.0.2, was also recently release, which is not to be confused with this feature update coming later in in the year).

For information about new and upcoming versions of all of our professional video and audio applications, visit the Creative Cloud blog or the Creative Cloud for Video page on, and see demos of these new features at our IBC Online event on September 15th. We’re also tremendously excited to be able to announce that 20th Century Fox’s upcoming film Deadpool is being cut exclusively with Premiere Pro CC– stay tuned for more exciting details on that announcement in the coming months.

With this next release, Premiere Pro expands on its exceptional support for UltraHD, 4K and beyond workflowswith new, native support for HEVC (h.265), DNxHR, and OpenEXR media, for both encode and decode, allowing editors to edit and deliver any format they need to.

The amazing, intuitive Color Workspace featuring the Lumetri Color Panel, designed to let editors to be creative with color without needing to work in a complex grading application, will be further enhanced with initial support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows. With a supported external HD monitoring system, RAW camera formats and OpenEXR media, alongside the Dolby Vision mezzanine codec, can be edited and graded with much greater dynamic range than conventional video, by using powerful but intuitive HDR controls. And new HDR scopes will give editors precise feedback on their creative decisions.

Premiere HDR 1024x683

We’re also adding the Lumetri effect to After Effects, ensuring color fidelity between Premiere Pro and After Effects (learn more about other new features coming to After Effects here).

Premiere Pro will let you build up your edit in new and tactile ways, by providing touch support for Windows hybrid touch devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro, and improved gestural support using Apple Force Touch track pads. Use multi-touch in the Assembly workspace for pinch to zoom to make your media clips big and easy to work with, then easily reorder them for storyboarding, play back and scrub right on the icons with your finger, tap to mark in and out points and drag straight to a sequence. Or, drag to the Program Monitor, where a new overlay will appear to allow you to drop into different zones to perform various standard kinds of edit. And onApple Force Touch track pads, get haptic feedback when snapping and trimming in the timeline.

2.Premiere Touch Edit

The addition of GPU optimized Optical Flow Time Remapping will let you get that smooth slow motion and speed ramps you want even when you haven’t shot at ultra high frame rates, and will provide significantly improved frame-rate conversion.

3.Premiere Optical Flow

And there are large improvements coming to the Adobe Stock workflow, which will let you search, try out and license any of the 45-million high quality royalty-free images through the Adobe Stock service built right into theCreative Cloud Libraries panel in Premiere Pro, as well as After Effects.

As with every release, there are loads of other improvements and optimizations throughout the application as our goal remains unchanged: to provide the best creative experience possible.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these new releases, and we’re sure you can’t wait to get your hands on them. If you’re lucky enough to be at IBC, stop by our booth where we’ll be showing pre-release versions of what’s coming, and have fantastic customer presentations lined up. Our engineers and testing team are hard at work ensuring that, when we are able to release these features, you’ll have the best possible product we could have made – so stay tuned for more information on when these great new updates with be available.

If you have a Creative Cloud membership, you always have access to the latest version of Premiere Pro, so you’ll have access to this update as soon it’s released. Go to the Creative Cloud site to download applications or to sign up for Creative Cloud. If you aren’t a Creative Cloud member yet, you can try out Premiere Pro CC with a free 30-day trial here.

For more information about Creative Cloud, see the overview video below and the Creative Cloud FAQ list.


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