Redrock Micro Puts Some Blue in Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera with New ultraCage | blue for BMCC

Form-fitting Design Minimizes Bulk; Modular Cage Fits Any Need and Budget

Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, announced today its new ultraCage |blue for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BMCC). This new, full-featured cage adds no width to the BMCC, can be purchased in baseplate-only, top plate-only or full-cage configuration and enables filmmakers to create a professional-level support system at a revolutionary price. The ultraCage BMCC is available in many different configurations and opens up the camera to a full array of cinema accessories, transforming the Blackmagic Cinema Camera into a production powerhouse.


The Essential Camera Accessory
The ultraCage BMCC completes the camera to make it a sleek, fully functional production solution. Its elegant, curved design mirrors the camera and adds no width to the camera body, promoting the camera’s signature portability. The ultraCage locks into the camera at the top and bottom to secure the camera and delivers 360 degrees of mounting options – including top and bottom rails – for complete customization of a dream rig.

The ultraCage | blue BMCC is available as a baseplate-only, top plate-only or full cage, allowing filmmakers to meet needs and budget. Each precision-machined component is designed and constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum in the USA and is backed by Redrock’s lifetime warranty for confidence and peace of mind.

Key features of the ultraCage BMCC include :

  • Elegant curves and form-fitting design add no width to the camera body
  • 360 degrees of security and accessory attachments, top and bottom rails
  • Oversized venting ports and vent channel for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Your choice of baseplate-only, top plate-only, full cage or complete rig
  • Power for camera and camera-top accessories with the optional Redrock powerPack
  • Full compatibility with Redrock gear, Redrock ultra Series™ accessories and industry standards
  • Precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Designed and made in the USA, lifetime warranty

“Blackmagic has generated a lot of well-deserved buzz with this Cinema Camera,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary at Redrock Micro. “The ultraCage BMCC completes this camera with the needed support, rails and mounting options to make it a serious production powerhouse. And with Redrock’s add-on rigs and accessories, the Blackmagic camera can be configured for any shooting style and setup.”

As Much or as Little Cage as You Need
The ultraCage BMCC can be purchased in three configurations to match support needs and budget:

  1. Baseplate only, providing the camera with a secure mount and industry-standard 15mm bottom rails for accessories such as a follow focus or mattebox.
  2. Top plate only, a rugged top plate for mounting camera-top accessories (including a cold shoe channel) and top handle for increased stability and convenience.
  3. Full cage, delivers the full 360 cage along with the baseplate and top plate, providing complete top/bottom support and protection.

Baseplate-only and top plate-only configurations can be upgraded to the full cage at any time in the future.

The Right Rig for You
In addition to the standalone cage, the ultraCage BMCC is offered as part of three ergonomic, complete rigs. Jump right into production or use them as a starting point to create the perfect rig:

  • ultraEvent BMCC-balanced, compact rig for handheld shooting
  • ultra Field Cinema Bundle BMCC-shouldermount designed for comfortable, all-day shooting
  • ultraEyeSpy BMCC-shouldermount designed for rear LCD operator monitoring

Filmmakers also have the ability to create their own dream rig using Redrock’s library of over 400 cinema accessories, such as:

  • Rear chassis – cage extension delivers more rail space and mounting points for all camera-top accessories.
  • backPack – rear mounting plate for attaching an external battery, recorder or other large accessories while keeping the rig balanced.
  • microMatteBox – full-sized cinema-style mattebox for light management and filtration.
  • microFollowFocus – a brilliant performer for precise and repeatable focus control.
  • microRemote – remote focus control with both wireless and fingerwheel operator controls. Fits all lenses and cameras.

With many professional-level accessories to choose from, the possibilities for creating a completely customized BMCC rig are truly endless.

Works With Existing Redrock Gear and New Redrock ultra Series™
With the new ultraCage, the BMCC is compatible with the ultra Series-Redrock’s professional-grade rig components and accessories-and can share accessories and parts with other cameras compatible w/the ultra Series, including the Canon EOS Cinema cameras and DSLRs.
The ultra Series maintains industry standards for maximum compatibility with third-party accessories, allowing gear migration from one camera to another to maximize return on investment.

For More Information
Additional details on the ultraCage BMCC can be found on the ultraCage BMCC page:

Pricing and Availability
The ultraCage|blue for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is priced starting at $499. It is available now for pre-order, shipping late October 2012. Like all Redrock products, the ultraCage BMCC can be purchased direct from Redrock Micro’s website at, or from Redrock’s worldwide network of authorized resellers.

About Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro revolutionized independent film production in the early 2000s with the M2 cinema lens adapter, and reinvented digital filmmaking in 2008 with HDSLR cinema rigs and accessories. Today, Redrock Micro continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning depth-of-field adapters, support rigs, focus controllers, and advanced cinema accessories. More information is available at


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