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A practical and versatile solution for multi-format, multi-codec content management.


Introducing the ultimate multi-tasker. The Sony XDCAM Archive System is the affordable, scalable content management and archive system that allows quick, easy access to multi-format, multi-codec content-up to 85,000 hours of online proxy that link to the high resolution media on your shelf.

Available in several scalable turnkey solutions, this is based on durable, re-writable Sony XDCAM® Professional Disc™ media/ technology that provide a shelf life of 50 years*. Each of these solutions is capable of ingesting and exchanging AV content with news/edit production systems, workstations, connected devices, and users in the field. To manage a growing database, the system offers quick file-based search capabilities, customizable metadata fields, and streaming proxies, increasing the speed of the entire production process by allowing multiple users to search, view, and access proxy content online wherever they are via a standard web browser. Plus it fits into existing infrastructures via hot folder structure.

image about this practical, versatile approach to managing multi-format content from ingest to archive.

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